Key Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

The Key Laboratory of Biotechnology and Product Innovation for Animal Diseases Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) was approved and established in July 2013 by relying on Zhaoqing Dahuanong Biology Medicine Co., Ltd.The laboratory has adhered to the company's mission of “being an animal health expert, serving human health” and the vision of “building a world-class biotechnology enterprise”, and committed to the R&D and product promotion and application of midstream and downstream technologies in the industry of veterinary biological products.The total area of the laboratory is about 7500 m2, and the total value of equipment and instruments is more than RMB 30 million. It has supporting facilities such as SPF Chicken Experimental Animal Center, SPF Animal Experimental Room, General Animal Experimental Room and Field Test Base. At the same time, the laboratory has built three independent purifying areas for the expansion of bacterial/yeast/cell-related experiments according to GMP specifications, and has constructed a platform for the transformation and application of scientific research results, which not only provides important support for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also fully guarantees the scientific research needs.

The laboratory introduces first-class scientific research talents and scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad with a flexible mechanism, actively carries out multi-level academic exchanges, promotes the construction of scientific research teams and the cultivation of outstanding talents.There are 88 fixed personnel, including 20 doctors, 52 people with master's degree or above, and 12 professors and vice professors . With 8 research directions, the laboratory’s scientific research team won the honorary title of “5th Advanced Collective of National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talents” in 2014.Up to now, the laboratory has undertaken 37 projects at and above the provincial and ministerial level and 17 municipal and district level projects, obtained 17 new veterinary drug certificates (biological products), 46 authorized invention patents and 30 utility model patents, established 3 industrial technical standards, won 2 first prizes and 1 second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Awards, 6 first prizes of City Science and Technology Award, 2 Chinese Excellence Patent Awards, 1 Guangdong Gold Patent Award, and was rated as “excellent” in the comprehensive evaluation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in November 2015.

The laboratory will continue to take the social concerns of animal diseases, zoonosis and food safety as the starting point, set up a professional scientific research team, and take outstanding talents as the technology leader, and strive to overcome the technical bottleneck in the industrial development and improve the industry technology level, escorting for animal husbandry development, and protecting human health.