Sun Yat-sen Biosafety Third-level BSL-3 Laboratory,Guangdong Wens Dahuanong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Sun Yat-sen Biosafety Third-level (BSL-3) Laboratory, Guangdong Wens Dahuanong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., referred to as “BSL-3 Laboratory”, is the first biosafety third-level laboratory in private enterprises in China.The BSL-3 laboratory, located in Wens Science and Technology Park, Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 206.75 m2 and consists of two major blocks, namely protection zone and the auxiliary work zone.There is a buffer room between the two zones and there is a clear area display and a negative pressure display.The core workshop of the protection zone is the mobile BSL-3 laboratory introduced from the United States.The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment such as the US NuAire Biosafety Cabinet, Biosafety Double-door Autoclave, FrescoTM 21 Centrifuge, etc., mainly to carry out research on the pathogens and technologies for prevention and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza and Newcastle disease.

The BSL-3 laboratory was established in 2007, first approved by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in December 2008, and awarded the “Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” (Certificate No.: CNAS BL0023), valid until December 21, 2013.In the new cycle, the BSL-3 laboratory was again awarded the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (Certificate No.: CNAS BL0023) issued by CNAS in October 2014, valid until October 21, 2019.In December 2015, it obtained the Laboratory Certificate for Highly Pathogenic Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms (Certificate No.: NO.009) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, valid until October 21, 2019.In March 2017, it was qualified to conduct high-pathogenic avian influenza virus experiment activities (NYF [2017] No. 6), which enabled Dahuanong to rank among the national scientific research strengths, with greatly improved core competitiveness of science and technology.

The establishment of BSL-3 laboratory provides important guarantees and necessary conditions for Dahuanong Company to engage in research, detection and diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms of major animal diseases, prevent and control the occurrence and spread of major infectious diseases, as well as provide a sound technological innovation platform for research on major animal diseases.