NUO WEI KANG (Compound Vitamin B Solution)

Name:NUO WEI KANG (Compound Vitamin B Solution)

NUO WEI KANG (Compound Vitamin B Solution)

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COMMON NAME: Compound Vitamin B Solution
TRADE NAME: Nuo Wei Kang
ENGLISH NAME: Compound Vitamin B Solution
PIN YIN: Fuhe Weishengsu B Rongye

ACTIVE INGREDIENTSVB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate

CHARACTERYellow transparent liquid with yellow green fluorescence

FUNCTIONVitamin medicine. Used for the prevention and treatment of various nutritional diseases caused by vitamin deficiency. It’s suitable for livestock and poultry which need to add extra vitamins and amino acids to relieve stress, disease rehabilitation, regular health care, and during the egg production, fattening, pregnancy, lactation, and other important physiological stage

USAGE AND DOSAGE Oral taken: 1 day’s quantity, horse and cow 30-70ml, sheep and swine 7-10ml. Mix with water: swine and poultry 500ml:1000kg, use 5-10 days per month. Mix with feed: 500ml:500-800kg, use 5-10 days per month



Drug Withdrawal Time0 days

SPECIFICATIONEvery 1ml contains VB1:0.6mg and VB2:0.12mg

STORAGESealed and store in a dark and dry place
CERTIFICATE NO.ShouYaoZi (2011) 190174573
SHELF LIFE24 months

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