YI KANG SU (probiotic feed additives)

Name:YI KANG SU (probiotic feed additives)

YI KANG SU (probiotic feed additives)

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FEATURESThis product is a yellowish water soluble powder. It’s produced by imported vitamin raw material and auxiliary materials from professional manufacturer, and utilize the modern package technology. It’s used to prevent stress of breeders and broilers, and prevent stress from vaccination, group changing, cold & heat, cutting teeth, broken end and long distance transportation etc. It can also improve the survival rate, promote the growth and development, improve the utilization rate of feed, improve meat quality, enhance immunity, improve fecundity, it’s also the adjuvant therapy medicine for other diseases, promote the rapid recovery of the animal body, quickly resume production performance
USAGE AND DOSAGE Mix with feed: add 100-200g per ton of feed which means 200g of this product mix with 1-2 tons feed. Mix with drinking water: add 100g per ton of water, which means 200g of this product mix with 2 tons water.
NOTESAvoid long term using with the mineral additives and acidulant. Finish using as soon as possible once open.
STORAGESealed and store in dry place
PACKAGE200g/bag or 1000g/bag
CERTIFICATE NO.YueSiTianZi (2010)202028

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