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Qing Shu Wang

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PRODUCT NAMEVeterinary Citric Acid
ACTIVE INGREDIENTSInorganic salt and citric acid
CONTENTCitric acid ≥ 4g/kg
MECHANISM The essence of stress is the disorders happens on important enzymes in the body and ion metabolism due to dramatic change of external environment factors (such as high temperature, group changing, disease, etc.), and thus showing a series of abnormal clinical manifestations (pant, less food intake, depressed, decreased production performance, and even death). ’Xiao Shu Wang’ involved in regulating the ionic balance in enzyme metabolism, make enzyme metabolic balance under stress condition, thereby obtain significant anti-stress effect. Compared with other anti-stress products, ’Xiao Shu Wang’ works unique.
FUNCTIONIt can improve the ability of thermal stress resistance by adjusting ionic balance. Able to help cooling, resist to heat stress, increase feed intake, prevent and reduce the loss brought by heatstroke death and high temperature
USAGE AND DOSAGEMix drinking: prepare the drinking water as per the 0.3% concentration. Use twice a day, and continuously use for 3 days, reuse again after stopping 1-2 days if necessary
NOTESFinish using as soon as possible once open. This product easy to moisture absorption, pay attention to moisture proof, agglomeration does not affect the effect
STORAGESealed and store in dry place
SHELF LIFE24 months
CERTIFICATE NO.YueSiTianZi ((2014) 202098

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