AD Powder

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AD Powder

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTSVA, VD3, VE, VC and polysaccharide
CONTENTMoisture ≤ 10%, VA ≥ 5.5 million IU/kgVD3 ≥ 1 million IU/kg
CHARACTERyellowish or yellow soluble powder
FUNCTION1. Replenish nutrition, provide sufficient energy, especially promote female animals productivity, and better for the postpartum rehabilitation and piglet’s health
2. Improve the immunity of animal, promote the fast rehabilitation of sick animals and increase their disease resistance. It can effectively prevent stress response from group changing, vaccination, weather changes, beak cutting, surgery, weaning, cutter teeth, tail, cold hot, long-distance transportation and other factors

3. Improve feed conversion rate, reduce defect rates, increase laying rate, increase egg breed, improve egg quality, enhance the strength of egg shell and brightness, improve the fertilization rate.
USAGE AND DOSAGEMix drinking: Dilute 250g of this product with 500kg water or mix with 250kg feed. Let animal drink or intake freely for a long period.
NOTES1. This product should be dissolved with water of normal temperature, and should not be dissolved with hot water or other drugs
2. Do not overdose use for young animals and during the early pregnancy period
3. Finish using as soon as possible once open or sealed store again
STORAGESealed and store in dry place
SHELF LIFE24 months

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