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【ACTIVE INGREDIENTS】Natural plant extracts like astragalus, soy extract (soy isoflavone), Vitamin E, folic acid, valine and high quality yeast

【ANALYSIS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS】Yi Mu Ling has many effective ingredients which contains normal reproductive nutrition, abnormal reproductive nutrition, endocrine regulation and immunopotentiator.
1. Natural plant extracts like astragalus: increase maternal antibody and guarantee the health of sow and piglet.
2. The isoflavone contained in Soy: it’s a pure natural ‘phytoestrogens’, and has two-way adjusting effects on estrogen, it can not only cooperate with the estrogen action and also antagonize estrogen, induct estrus and breast development; it can also adjust the the secretion of pituitary growth hormone and prolactin (PRL) which can act on the thymus, spleen and other immune organs and also act on the estrogen receptors on immune cells.
3. Vitamin E (tocopherol): it can effectively protect the uterus and ovary, induct estrus etc. Promote ovarian development and be matured, increase the mature egg cells, improve the litter size. Stimulate the secretion of estrogen, promote mammary gland growth and also stimulate breast development.
4. Folic acid: stimulating growth of the placenta, transfer the maternal nutrition fully to the embryo or fetus, promote the embryo implantation, and promote the embryonic survival, growth and development, increase the sow litter size, improve piglet birth weight and survival rate; Shorten the interval of oestrus, promote the expansion of gravid uterus and placenta formation, increase uterine horn length and placental superficial area. Provide better nutrition to the fetus, promote healthy fetal development.
5. Metabolic activation agents (e.g. Valine): provide energy to breast cells and promote their growth, participate in the synthesis of milk protein, provide udder cells nitrogen source and carbon source which required from the synthesis of amino acids; it can increase the alanine levels in plasma, in order to adapt to the demand for glucose from mammary gland, thus improve the lactation; it can also increase the concentrations of prolactin and growth hormone in plasma.
6. Highly active yeast: it can improve feed intake of nursing sow, improve the flora structure in sow’s stomach, prevent the sow constipation, regulate gastrointestinal, provide embryo nutrition, increase the rate of weaning piglets and effectively reduce the incidence of mastitis, uterine inflammation and agalactia syndrome.

【MECHANISM】When the body of Sow in a state of sub-health, the synthetic ability of intermediate products during the physiological and metabolic such as nonessential amino acid will rapidly decline, at this point the sow body heavily short of reproductive nutrition, this could lead to reproductive barriers. ‘Yi Mu Ling’ can quickly adjust the sow physiological health, promote the sow endogenous hormone secretion balance by supplying sows normal reproductive nutrition and abnormal reproductive nutrition (e.g. non essential amino acid, vitamins, etc.) and endocrine regulator and immune enhancer, it will also rebuild the normal reproductive function, explore reproductive potential, estrus ovulation, improve the quantity of milk secretion, and comprehensively improve the sow reproductive performance.

【FUNCTION】1.Significantly increase the birth weight, generally can be increased by 10% or about 50 g, piglets can be healthy and lively, significantly lower the weak piglets or stillbirth.
2. Significantly increase the amount of lactation, milk appears dense with high nutrition, tidy and of good evenness, piglet weaning weight increased by about 10% or 500g, high disease resistance, no diarrhea, and high survival rate.
3. Rutting rate of 4-7 days weaned sows increased by 10%, usually more than 90% or 95%, increase annual birth.
4. Adjust the sow function state, ovulation with oestrus, reduce return to estrus. Improve the estrus rate and pregnant rate of candidate sows.
5. Prevent the phenomenon such as abortion, stillbirth, weak birth, sows and piglets can be healthy and robust.
6. Quickly remove the breeding disorder after virus disease, shorten the sow oestrus cycle and promote the weaned sow’s estrus
7. Improve the sow immunity, anti-stress ability, and increase service life of sows.

【USAGE】1. During lactation of sows, add to feed 30 days before antenatal period, breeding until weaning estrus, or add with the lactation feed. Yearly dosage for each sow is one bag (500g). Start to add for candidate sows since May, and until the secondary estrus and breeding.
2. Add with the lactation feed, use 1kg of this product per one ton of feed.
3. Add 1kg ‘Yi Mu Ling’per one ton of feed, or according to 5g/sow/day, use in all periods can get better effect.
4. Candidate sows: add for 2 weeks before and after breeding which can promote ovulation and improve the conception rate.
5. Multiparous sows: add with lactation feed from prenatal 4 weeks to weaning 1 week, it can promote lactation, improve piglet immunity, promote oestrus and increase the number of litter.


【STORAGE】Sealed and store in a dry, cool and pollution free place

【SHELF LIFE】24 months


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