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ACTIVE INGREDIENTSVitamin E oil, perilla oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil

ANALYSIS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS1. Vitamin E oil: clearing the free radicals, enhance immunity and improve the pulmonary microcirculation
2. Perilla oil: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, alleviate allergic reaction, and has special effects on the cough, asthma, chest and abdominal distention
3. Peppermint oil: Cool and refreshing nourish, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughingclear throat and nourish the lung
4. Eucalyptus oil: sterilization and anti-inflammatory, Cool and refreshing nourish

FUNCTIONCleaning the respiratory tract mucosa, improve the breathing need oxygen intake and keep the smooth of respiratory tract

EFFECTSThis product can relieve swelling in the respiratory tract mucous membrane, ‘Hu Te Shu’ has the good effect on detumescence by drinking water or spray method. Meanwhile, eliminate the thick mucous secretions can let animals feel comfortable on breathing, easy to get more oxygen, improve the mental condition, and increase feed intake and water consumption.

1. Reduce the complication and uncomfortable feeling. Early using can release the symptom of rhinorrhea, lacrimation, nasal swelling, cough, sneeze and gasp etc., significantly decrease the complication and death.
2. Clear the respiratory tract, maintain the smooth of respiratory tract and increase the oxygen supply. When there is a light yellow and semitransparent serous mucous exudates inside the nasal cavity, trachea and bronchi, using ‘Hu Te Shu’ can relieve the exterior syndrome, clear the respiratory tract, increase the oxygen supply and lower the mortality
3. Relieve stress and other syndromes after vaccination which like depressed spirit, cough, reduced the feed intake, decreased feed conversion rate, enhance the ability of disease resistance

USAGE AND DOSAGEFor more easy to be dissolved, dilute the product with appropriate warm water (40℃), and then add into the specified amount of drinking water.
1. By drinking water: add 250ml of this product into 1000kg drinking water, and use 12 hours per day, then use one more time after 12 hours. It can be also used for 3-5 days continuously. Use half amount when for the prevention purpose.
2. By spray: add 1000ml of this product into 50kg water, spray the pigpen twice a day.
3. Drench through throat: dilute this product with cold water with the rate of 1:5 or depends on the situation. Good effect on relieving cough and gasp can be seen after throat drench.

1. Do not use this product together with medicine as it is not drug, especially with doxycycline and tetracycline etc., the generated bitter flavor can affect the water consumption. It should be alternately used with antibiotics.

2. It is normal to see the decreasing water consumption when using this product on the 1st day, continuously using should not be affected.

3. There might be slight phenomenon of spittle after drenching swine, then disappear later. It has no affection on the use.


STORAGESealed and store in a dry, cool and pollution free place



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