Additives Branch

The Additives Branch is an independent business unit of Guangdong Wens Dahuanong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which integrates R&D, production and sales. It is mainly responsible for R&D, production, sales and technical services of feed, additives and premix products.The Additives Branch employs nearly 300 people and manages four production workshops: Dongcheng Feed Workshop, Feed Additive Workshop, Xinxing Premix Workshop, and East China Premix Workshop.In 2018, the additive business achieved a sales income of RMB 260 million and a production of premix of about 76,000 tons.

The company has production licenses of solid/liquid mixed feed additives, solid/liquid additive premix feed and common feed and is equipped with automatic acidifier production line, fully automatic artificial milk production line, fully automatic compound multi-dimensional and composite premix production line, the production line of small packages that are used in site and the feed production line, in which the multivitamin and premix production line adopts a full set of Buhler equipment, realizing the automatic batching and digital management by computer, and the whole process tracing by Wincos quality tracing system, thus ensuring the scientificity, safety and accuracy of products.

Relying on the strong scientific research strength and advanced scientific research platform of Wens and its Dahuanong Business Division, the company has formed a R&D team with professors and doctors as its core, specializing in the R&D of natural plants and their extracts, enzymes and microecological preparations, and multi-functional feed additives such as minerals and vitamins, health products and feed product and the improvement of the technologies, in which acidifier products make full use of advanced technology such as modern stabilization technology, polymer material adsorption technology and microencapsulate technology, leading to effective solidification of multiple micro-molecule organic acids in the complex acid system, and improvement in the buffering capacity, the fixed-point slow-release and the utilization rate of the organic acid. Dahuanong Duowei ® (forage vitamins), Yisuanbao (forage acidifier), Yijunwang (forage microecological preparations), Meitezhuang (anti-diarrhea forage natural plant extracts), Qiutewei ® (anti-coccidial forage natural plant extract), Sanzhensan (multipurpose forage natural plant extract), WENS piglet artificial milk (soybean milk powder), Meijingbao (detoxification, growth promotion and immunity improvement) and other special additive products have become the leading products in the industry to reduce and replace the antibiotics.

The company has committed to the research, development, production and promotion of new, safe and green feed additives and biological feeds, and has become a practitioner and market leader in the industry to reduce and replace the antibiotics.In the future, the company will focus on research and development of livestock and poultry meat quality improver, non-antibiotics feed additives, environmental deodorants and biological feeds, and research on microencapsulating technology for functional products, strengthen technological innovation, enhance product application competitiveness, escorting for the development of animal husbandry.

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